places to visit in Cebu during summers

Its summertime and a vacation is due. Yes, yes, we know with the pandemic situation and all it may not be possible right now, but there’s not harm in planning right? Since everyone’s going to Maldives and Bali, we’re giving you an off-beat location to plan your trip to. How about Cebu in Philippines? So here are 5 amazing places to visit in Cebu during summers. Check it out.

Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island lies in the northern side of Cebu. The place is no less than heaven on Earth as visitors call it. Bantayan islands is one of the most popular places and usually tops the to-visit list in Cebu. When we talk of an island or beach we usually imagine a crowded place, but the beauty of Bantayan Island actually lies in the quiet and serenity there. There are beautiful beaches with crystal clear water, glistening white sand that look surreal and exotic seafood. Virgin Island and paradise beach are the most visited places in Bantayan Island.

Pescador Island

Pescador Island is to the south of Cebu. The beaches here are famous for their water sports and activities. Scuba diving is very popular here as well. The word ‘Pescador’ in Spanish means fisherman. The island got its name from the plentiful marine life around the shores that led to a lot of fishermen to come to the island. The island is secluded and one can go there to enjoy the serenity and scenic beauty. With cheap flights to Cebu, planning a trip here really is quite easy indeed.

Sirao Flower Garden

Among other places to visit in Cebu during summers is the breath-taking Sirao Flower Garden. That is the time you can find the place in full bloom with different varieties of colorful flowers. It truly is a mesmerising sight. However, be prepared to accommodate in a large crowd. During the bloom season, tourists gather in the Sirao Flower Garden in flocks to drown in the colours. Do visit this place for sure and you’ll be going back with tons of pictures and heart full of beautiful memories.

Temple of Leah

The Temple of Leah is not just a monument but a symbol of undying and ever-lasting love. Teodorico Adarna was the grandfather of the Filipino actress Ellen Adarna. He built the Temple of Leah in memory of his late wife Leah Albino-Adarna. Their matrimony lasted 53 years and they were superbly in love. The story of the Temple of Leah is quite similar to that of the Taj Mahal in India. There are 24 chambers that have art galleries, museum, library, bar, etc. in them. There is also a 10-feet huge statue of Leah Albino-Adarna that marks the striking feature of the temple.

Malapascua Island

It is quite unlikely for someone to come to Cebu and not visit the Malapascua Island. It is situated in the northern part of Cebu. It has some of the most beautiful beaches in Philippines. It is famous as a diving destination and also as a place that lets you swim with thresher sharks. If you are not a diver, even then the island has a lot to offer. From beautiful white sand beaches to exotic coral gardens and an abundance of marine life; there is a lot to see and experience in the Malapascua Island. That is in fact the biggest attraction among tourists here. Since the island is not commercially developed, one can enjoy a quiet vacation here without the usual hustle and bustle of a regular beach with activities. It is best to visit this place during summers to avoid rainfalls and hurricanes.

There’s honesty so much more Cebu has to offer and we’ve just managed to cover the tip of the iceberg. So check everything out and keep the plan ready, since now you know where you’re going to be off to as soon as the you get a chance.

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