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A vacation is something that people of all ages look forward to. It’s a time to relax and do your own thing in a new place. But planning and going on a vacation should not be taxing and should also not burn a hole in your pocket. There are several ways by which you can still go to your favorite vacation destination without spending a lot. You just need to plan your vacation in advance and in a smart way. Here are some tips to plan your annual vacation in a smart way.

Decide on a destination and time

The first and foremost thing that you do when you plan your annual vacation is to decide on the destination. The destination that you choose will determine your travel itinerary and budget. After you’ve decided on the destination the next important thing that you do is decide the time at which you are going to visit the place. Many places have an on season and off season time. You do not want to go on your vacation destination during off season unless you want to miss the highlights of the place, but going to a place during on season can be a tad bit expensive. If you want to save a little money you should plan your vacation during the shoulder season which is between the off and on season where you can enjoy the perks of both off and on season without having to spend as much.

Be flexible in booking your travel

Always be willing to shift your dates a bit in order to grab a good deal. When it comes to booking a flight, you should keep a track of the changing airfares. Sometimes changing the dates and the location of the airport can make a huge difference to the airfare. It’s okay to drive down an extra kilometer to reach the airport if it means you get a good deal on your flight tickets. Similarly for booking your stay, some hotels may have a lower tariff on the weekdays than the weekends. Book your stay accordingly.

Use your credit cards wisely

Going on vacation doesn’t mean you’ll have to spend a lot for travel and stay. A smart thing to do is to use your travel credit card for booking flights. You should accumulate flyer miles or travel points on your credit card and keep a record of it by using a credit card rewards calculator. These miles points can help you book other flight tickets for free or at a discounted price. When it comes to accommodation during your vacation, you can opt for Airbnb or hostels to save up a little. If you want to book a hotel then you can use your travel credit card and use points to book a hotel room.  Also, calling your credit card company and informing them about your travel plans will avoid situations during the vacation where your credit card gets blocked.

Prepare your vacation budget

Last but not the least is to build a budget for your travel. You can set up a travel fund for yourself where you can save money for your upcoming travels. If you have multiple sources of income, you can save money from one particular source and use it for your vacation. Carrying a travel credit card during your vacation is extremely convenient since it allows you to travel without carrying a huge stash of money and avoids the problem of foreign currency in case you are travelling abroad. However, it is always wise to keep some cash handy for emergency situations or the times when your credit card does not work.

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