Everest trekking guide

Mount Everest is the highest peak on Planet Earth that is situated in the mighty Himalayas of Nepal.Rising up to a height of 8848 m, Mount Everest is not easy to scale and may pose some difficulties to its climbers. There are two major climbing routes, one through Nepal and one through Tibet. The Nepal route is the more standard route that most people take with an Everest trekking guide.

The Everest Base Camp Trek is an adventurous one to say the least and it is one of the most amazing places that you will ever visit. It is a glorious opportunity, especially for travellers who love to experience nature and wildlife by putting in a bit of determination and patience. The feeling you get after reaching your destination is incredible and can be described as spiritual. If you are someone who is planning a trek to Everest, here are some tips that you can take advantage of.

Work on your fitness and patience

One of the most important tips for people who are going on the Everest Base Camp Trek is to be healthy for the trek. The Everest trek is not an easy one because of the rugged trail and the harsh climate. The trek is suitable for people who are moderately fit therefore make sure that you are capable enough to do the trek. Patience is important during the trek. You may want to push yourself to do more than what your body can handle in order to finish the trek early. But one must keep in mind that the trek is difficult one and it is important to take adequate rest in between so that your body can recuperate.

Find a good guide

Your experience of the Everest trek depends heavily on the Everest trekking guide that you choose. There are several companies and guides that offer an Everest Base Camp Trek at attractive prices. One should always do a thorough research and read reviews about the company before choosing one. A reliable trekking guide is extremely important so as to have a good experience. You should be able to connect with them and they should be able to help you out in case of any emergencies. Always choose a trusted guide for your Everest Base Camp Trek such as the Nepal Hiking Team which also provide guided tours around Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.

Proper gear and first aid kit

Having the proper gear for the trek will ensure that your trek goes on smoothly. Get in touch with your Everest trekking guide about the kind of gears that you will need during the trek such as winter wear, trekking shoes etc. Make sure to carry all these things and your personal items which you will need during the trek. Also remember to carry medications that you think you may need because medical facilities may be hard to come by at such a high altitude. In spite of all this make sure that your backpack isn’t too heavy for you to carry.


Lack of oxygen can be a life threatening problem that one can face during the Everest trek. This is the main reason why one should practice patience during the trek and not hurry. Give your body enough time to get acclimatized to the low oxygen saturation that is present at higher altitudes. Each day you will be climbing higher so make sure to take adequate breaks and rest in order to adapt to the situation.

Take care of your health

People choosing to go on the Everest trek should be healthy and remain so even during the trek. Avoid any injuries or sickness during the trek that may hamper your ascent. Eat a balanced diet, avid spicy food and consume lots of water and hot soups. Do not smoke or drink in the mountains and take adequate rest in between.

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