places to visit in Canada during the summer

The North American country of Canada is a naturally marvelous place. The Rocky Mountains, waterfalls and forests make it a captivating natural retreat. It has the longest coastline in the world and the longest non-military border too. The fun facts about Canada are many and all of which makes Canada a truly unique place to visit. Located in the Northern Hemisphere close to the Arctic, Canada can get very cold. It can have below freezing temperatures and this is why when summer comes around, it is a relief for everyone. You can go out freely and try some places to visit in Canada during the summer.

The Okanagan Valley

Located in the interior side of British Columbia, Okanagan is a popular vacation destination in summer and winter. But in summers you can take advantage of the water bodies and enjoy watersports. If you love wine and nature, then Okanagan Valley is the place for you. It is warm and made for lounging on the clear beaches or walking in the nearby hills where wine grapes are cultivated. It is a picturesque land with multiple provincial parks. One can go hiking, horseback riding or chill on the beaches. The Bear Creek Provincial Park has a nice beach on the Okanagan Lake. It has a 400 m long beach with hiking trails and camping areas around it. The number of parks alone has multiple recreational activities that keep you occupied in good weather.

Prince Edward Island

The Cradle of Confederation, Prince Edward Island is a maritime province in Canada. It lies in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and it has a known indigenous history. The temperature here is influenced by the warm waters in the gulf. This island was made popular by Lucy Maud Montgomery through her novel Anne of the Green Gables. There is a dedicated store in the capital – Charlottetown and a heritage place in Cavendish. Cavendish beach is a beautiful place and gets quite busy during summers. The local pier is a popular spot and from there, one can rent equipment for watersports. Seaside vistas and lighthouses dot the coastline and you can enjoy the local fresh seafood too.


British Columbia has a lot of natural spots and Tofino is one such place. It’s an escape from the city’s grind. Stay at cozy inns or try campgrounds if you want to truly be amidst nature. The Long Beach in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve is a popular spot for visitors. It is flat and wide, incredible for walking. Other beaches such as Chesterman also offer surfing opportunities. Hike through the old forest and the Cove trails or the Big Tree Trail. Tofino has a lot to offer for a good vacation.


Banff is located in the Banff National Park, Alberta and is a popular tourist destination on the foothills of the Rockies. It is beautiful both during winter and summer. Because it is a popular destination, one can easily find information on travel tickets and stay through websites such as Travils, which make travel easy. Ride the Banff gondola for breathtaking views of the mountains or hike on the Consolation Lakes trail. One can also rent a canoe on Moraine Lake or go for a whitewater rafting adventure on the Bow River. The exciting thing about Banff is that it also has hot springs where you can relax at the end of the day.


Victoria is one of the best places to visit in Canada during the summer. It is also the capital of British Columbia and is known for outdoor activities. The city with the British Colonial past has a lot of historic monuments and gardens. The inner harbor still has its Victorian atmosphere intact and is a starting point for many tourists. Horse-drawn carriages, boat tours and an overall relaxed climate is found in Victoria. Butchart Gardens, Parliament Buildings, Beacon Hill Park along with a castle and a fortress are points of interest.

Summer is a great time to step out in Canada, but this time, Canada is facing an unprecedented heat wave. This heat wave is causing damage and destruction as it moves through the country. Hence, even if you step out, you must be careful and take care when planning a summer vacation.

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