places of Ontario to visit during Monsoon

You don’t have to stay inside all the time in Monsoon. Visit Ontario instead. There will be a lot of things to do and places to visit even in monsoon. Here we have listed a few places of Ontario to visit during Monsoon. Hope the list makes monsoon more enjoyable.


1. Grand Bend

Imagining tranquillising warm waters and sandy beaches? Grand Bend in Ontario is the place where you should be. You can go boat riding or parasailing on the beach allowing you to view splendid scenery from up and above. You can also go to the farmer’s market or the Lambton Heritage Museum. Monsoon in Ontario is has a lot of exciting things to offer for your entertainment. Sure, you can stay at some resort. But if you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can pitch a tent at a campsite or rent a cottage.


2.  Prince Edward Island

You can’t exclude Prince Edward Island from your travel itinerary. It is one of the most wonderful monsoon travel places in Ontario Canada. In monsoon, the place turns into a breathtaking sight. You can always spend a romantic weekend with your partner. The beautiful lighthouses dotted along the island combined with red sand expands your plush and pleasant experience. You can also go clam digging and relish the lobster tour boat. Kids can engage themselves in many activities as well with Shining Waters Family Fun Park where they can have a lot of fun on the water slides, sail on their own small pirate boats, and meet mini alpacas and mini horses.


3. Ottawa

Ottawa is known for being the hub of history, culture, and arthouse. There are many art galleries and museums where you can get a unique experience as of the rains of Ontario. In the Canadian Museum of Nature, you can spend some time around the dinosaurs, or you could go to Calypso Park for refreshing dips. Also, you can spend some time with the baby goats, ducklings, and pet rabbits at the Valleyview Little Animal Farm. later you can enjoy some mouthwatering local cuisine.


4. Dundurn Castle

While it rains cats and dogs outside, you can enjoy a guided tour of this 40-room Italianate-style villa. It was built on Burlington Heights in the 1830’s.  Burlington Heights was the former site for the fortified military encampment that was established in 1813 by the British. The beautiful structure will warm your heart on cold rainy days and is one our list of places of Ontario to visit during Monsoon.


5. Wayne Gretzky Estates

You can always find something to do at Wayne Gretzky Estates. You can pick from a few options like beer, whiskey, and wine tasting with a twist, icy winter fun on their skating rink during winters, memorable meals in their barrel cellar,  interactive classes, festive fetes to celebrate special days, and a lot more during monsoon. Among many Ontario travel places in Monsoon, this one hits the mark because you can pull up a comfortable chair at The Beer Garden or The Whisky Bar Patio, and let the mix a drink for you while you enjoy watching the rain outside.


6. Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory

How would you like to take a stroll in an indoor tropical garden alongside 1000’s of free-flying butterflies? Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory has two galleries where there are mounted displays of insects and butterflies. There you can also witness butterflies emerging from their chrysalides and take their first flight.


7. Glanmore National Historic Site

Glanmore National Historic Site is Belleville’s Treasure. It is a huge Victorian mansion that is both a community museum and a historic house. It was built for John Philpot Curran Phillips, the prominent Belleville Banker, and his wife in 1883. For its exceptional 2nd Empire style architecture, it was designated a National Historic Site. The house went through an extensive restoration and the museum houses artifacts original to the house along with fine art and decorative objects belonging to the Couldery collection. It also has artifacts significant to local history.


8. Niagara Falls

Whatever the season may be, Niagara Falls is a place you can visit any time of the year. It consists of three sets of falls and one of the best places of Ontario to visit during Monsoon. Horseshoe Falls is the largest section dropping approximately 57 meters. This makes it a great wall of water stretching between Niagara Falls, Canada and Niagara Falls, USA. Monsoon adds to its large volume of water and then when all the sections make a huge drop together, it feels truly majestic.


9. CN Tower

The CN Tower is the most iconic structure in all of Canada. When this 553-meter tower lits up at night, you can see it from every corner of the city and around. With the help of an elevator, you can reach to its observation deck and restaurant. Watching the sky pour its heart out from this height is magical.


10. Royal Ontario Museum

If you are not fond of getting outside in monsoon, you can always enjoy it indoors in the Royal Ontario Museum. It features a wide range of collections ranging from cultural exhibits to natural history and science from all over the world.


Still wondering what to see in Monsoon in Ontario Canada? Well, take a pick from the list or create your own. Ontario will never disappoint you.

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