lesser known facts about Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a famous landmark in North America. It is one of the largest falls and discharges a high volume of water. A large number of tourists visit the fall every year and season. It is a well-known romantic spot and you will see proposals and couples visiting. A lot of families also visit to see this wondrous fall. The falls has some interesting facts about it, one being that it spans the border between the USA and Canada. It lies between Ontario and New York. It is a group of three waterfalls and the largest – Horseshoe falls are in Canada. Here are some of the lesser known facts about Niagara Falls.

  • The two lesser known falls are in the USA and are named – American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls. These falls are separated by two islands – Goat Island and Luna Island.
  • Fish swim down the Niagara Falls and still have a 90% survival rate because of a foam cushion at the bottom. They have evolved to withstand water pressure. However, most humans that tried going down the waterfall didn’t survive. There is one exception to this – 63-year-old woman who went down in a barrel and lived to tell the tale.
  • The falls receive water from four lakes – Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Erie and Lake Huron. It has the highest flow rate in the world and takes down 700,000 gallons of water every second.
  • The falls also help in generating electricity through its hydroelectric power plant. It was built on the Niagara River in 1881 and produces electricity for America and Canada. Less water flows through the falls at night so that it can be used for power generation. In summers, the powerplant diverts less water so visitors can see the falls.
  • Charles Blondin and Nik Wallenda walked on a tightrope over the falls. Sam Patch jumped down the Horseshoe Falls in 1829 and survived.
  • The falls are over 12,000 years old and were formed at the end of the ice age. The sheer volume of these falls creates a whirlpool on the Niagara Gorge, formed over 4,200 years ago due to erosion. It is around 39 meters deep.
  • The Horseshoe falls can never freeze in the winter, due to the volume of water flowing. However, the American Falls on the US side is more likely to freeze because it has lower levels of water. In cold winters an ice buildup can cause a dam of water to be created with ice. Whatever water is left, freezes over.
  • For two hundred years, the Niagara Falls was known as the world’s Honeymoon Capital. It started with Theodosia and Joseph Alston who travelled to these falls and others followed. The popularity as a honeymoon destination increased and even today couples flock here. One can bring their special partner here in style by hiring a Niagara Falls Limo.
  • The falls are slowly eroding and 50,000 years from now, the 32 kilometres to Lake Erie will be gone and the falls will cease to exist.

Niagara Falls is a major tourist attraction and is loved by many. The state park around it is also frequented by visitors from all over the world. Even locally, the citizens visit the falls and the state park for hiking and camping. Not many know the lesser known facts about Niagara Falls, but the falls is quite a spectacular destination.If one is visiting Ontario then they must see Niagara Falls and ride the Maid of the Mist boat. It takes you really close to the falls and you can also see a rainbow there.

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