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Ontario is the most populous province and is home to the capital of Ottawa. Mississauga is also one of the largest municipalities in Ontario. It is located on the shores of Lake Ontario and is very close to Toronto. Mississauga has a thriving business and culture, but there is plenty to see in and near Mississauga. Here are some of the best places to see near Mississauga.

Waterfront Trail

This trail extends from Cornwall to Niagara-on-the-Lake and it passes through Mississauga. The whole trail is quite long and the section running through Mississauga is at a lakefront. It has routes, roads, interconnecting communities and the trail connects people to the lakes in the region. Residents can go hiking, walking, cycling, skateboarding and biking on these trails freely. Local authorities also operate camping sites along the trail and it can make for a good overnight trip.

Historic Village

The village of Port Credit sits on the shores of Lake Ontario and it dates back to 1720. It is a heritage conservation district. It has a nice old town atmosphere and is known as the Village on the Lake. There is a lakefront marina, parks and pretty buildings. It is near the mouth of the Credit River and hence the name. A Waterfront Festival takes place at the end of June and there is an annual boat show too. A blues and jazz festival, a busker festival is some of the attractions here. The harbor has boating facilities and the area around that has playgrounds, splash pads and facilities for barbeque.

Jack Darling Memorial Park

Mississauga has a lot of parks and the Jack Darling Memorial is one of the best parks. It has excellent facilities for individuals and families who want to spend time outdoors.  There are two picnic areas that can seat around 150 and amenities include barbeque and running water. It has one of the largest dog parks in the province with shady trails, sand and hills. A splashpad and the lake are open for visitors to use and take a dip in.

Fantasy Fair

Fantasy Fair is Ontario’s largest indoor amusement park that opened in 1985. It is inside the Woodbine shopping center and features 12 rides and attractions. It also offers group visits, educational tours and options for birthday parties. It would make an exciting day for kids to come here for their birthday and you could book something like a Mississauga Limo to make it even more fun for the birthday boy or girl. A climbing wall, carousel, bumper cars, plane rides and a lot more await your visit.

Wahoosh Falls

A charming waterfall in Mississauga, Wahoosh is tucked behind a street such that one wouldn’t even know of its existence. It is a small cascade fall, about 10 feet tall. The falls have water through the year and don’t dry up. It lies at the intersection of two roads and is quite easily accessible. A path leads to this. The falls sit over Mullet Creek and have a serene environment.

Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario means great lake, which stands fit for this water body. It is an outlet for the Saint Lawrence River and it has a unique ecology. There are lighthouses near the lake and some of them are historic. If you get on top of it, you will be rewarded with majestic views. Visitors can take a boat out on the water and cruise along. Kids will live the dunes along the shoreline and if you want a break then you can take the kids to the nearby zoo. The Denzel carousel at the beach park is also a good option. Lake Ontario is one of the best places to see near Mississauga.

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