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The city of Vaughan in Ontario lies in the municipality of York and is the fifth largest city in the Greater Toronto area. It is known as one of the fastest growing cities in Canada and its occupation dates back to 1792. If you are in Vaughan, then you can take in its serene atmosphere and yet have things to do. There are a few things that are well known in Vaughan. So, what is popular in Vaughan? Here is a quick list.

David Dunlop Observatory

Sitting atop the local Richmond Hill, the David Dunlop Observatory has the largest reflector telescope in Canada. It is an astronomical observatory and sits on a 76-hectare estate. It hosts night talks, on topics of science, astronomy and space.

Gage Park

The Gage Park is an excellent place to take a stroll. It is the oldest municipal park and supports various activities. The trees and garden create a tranquil environment. During winters, the pathways turn into an ice-skating trail. The area has a pool, picnic grounds and a play area.

Canada’s Wonderland

The most visited attraction in Vaughan, Canada’s Wonderland is a large amusement park. It is spread over 133 hectares and one part has a waterpark too.  The whole park is split into six areas and also has a designated area for kids. There is something for all visitors. Thrill seekers will love the rides here as there are fifteen roller coasters that will pump adrenalin in all the riders. The Leviathian is the scariest, tallest and fastest roller coaster that has a drop of ninety-three meters.The Park has more than two hundred attractions including shows and games. You can book a Vaughan Limo Service to take your friends and family on an outing to this exciting place.

Reptilia Zoo

Reptilia Zoo is really popular in Vaughan as you can interact live with the residents. It has residents from all over the world. The size is 1400 square meters and this indoor zoo for reptiles is the largest in the country. It is home to more than two fifty types of arachnids, reptiles and amphibians. One of the biggest attractions in the zoo is Induna the crocodile. It is around 3.4 meters long and weighs more than 1000 pounds. Other unique residents include the 6.1-meter-long python, 4.3-meter-long cobra and a three hundred pound alligator.

Kortright Center for Conservation

The suburban conservation area of Kortright sits right in the middle of Vaughan. The 325-hectare area is full of maple and pine forests. It offers environment programs to the public and horse riding is also available. Visitors can go hiking, horse riding and bird watching. Sustainability tours, family events and weekend children’s programs are offered here.

Black Creek Pioneer Village

Previously known as the Dalziel Pioneer Park, this pioneer village is an open-air heritage museum. The village overlooks Black Creek which is a tributary of the Humber River. The village recreates life as it was in the 19th century Ontario to give an idea how rural Ontario may look like. It is an excellent school field trip destination. It has more than forty buildings from those times and is operated by craftspeople as well as interpreters from those times. It also features reenactments on certain days. It also features farm buildings, a grist mill, a hotel, a church and a shop. You can travel back in time by visiting this village.

To answer the question – what is popular in Vaughan? It has a lot of popular spots. The residents and visitors both love visiting these cool spaces and having fun with the activities offered.

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