beaches of North Oregon Coast

Oregon is a state on the western coast of United States of America that borders the Pacific Ocean and is home some of the most stunning beaches in the country. The Northern coast of this state has a lot to offer to the people who love the sun, sea and sand. Highlighted by rugged cliffs, forested shorelines, secluded coves and sandy beaches, the North Oregon Coast is a treat to the eyes and an excellent spot for a relaxing vacation. Here are some of the exotic beaches of North Oregon Coast that are definitely worth a visit.

Canon Beach

One of the most popular beaches of North Oregon Coast is the Canon Beach. This beach has a vast expanse of sandy shore which can accommodate a lot of people and therefore it never feels very crowded. It attracts a lot of tourists during summers and the highlight of the beach is the Haystack Rock which is a huge monolithic structure rising out of the sea waters. It is a rock structure that has been created as result of volcanic activity and is now home to several bird species that use it as their nesting ground. The Haystack Rock makes for a great backdrop for pictures. The seashore is lined by numerous restaurants, hotels and clubs for entertainment.

Seaside Beach

The Northern most part of western Oregon has a stunning beach called Seaside Beach which is popular among the locals and tourists. It is a huge sea beach which is situated very near to the city of Portland and is known for conducting the annual volley ball tournaments. It is an ideal place for a family vacation and is complete with the Seaside Aquarium and Seaside Promenade. The several beachside activities that can be done here include surfing, hiking and volleyball. This beach also has a number of seafood restaurant and local shops that engage the tourists.

Gearhart Beach

A hidden treasure in the North Oregon Coast is the Gearhart Beach which is situated just next to the Seaside beach and is separated from it by an estuary. Adjoining the beach is a quaint seaside and town which is ideal for a relaxing weekend getaway with your loved ones. You can choose to stay at the Gearhart Resort and enjoy a game of golf in the nearby golf course. Towards the evening you can head to the beautiful beach which has some stunning sand dunes and enjoy a stunning sunset. The ocean breeze is great for kite flying and waves are ideal for surfing at the Gearhart Beach.

Short Sands Beach

The Short Sands beach is located in the Oswald West State Park between the Neahkahnie Mountain and Arch Cape. It is a remote area and the visitors have to walk for half a mile from the parking lot to reach the beach area. The shore is surrounded by an elevated picnic space that overlooks the waters and provides unimpeded views of the ocean. The waters are great for surfing and the nearby tree covered lands of the state park are perfect for a hiking adventure.

Rockaway Beach

The Rockaway Beach of North Oregon Coast is place which does not witness a lot of crowd and is therefore ideal for people looking for a secluded beach spot. The sea shore stretches for seven miles giving its visitors plenty to walk and explore. The beach has more than 20 public access areas from where people can reach the beachside and indulge in the beach activities of their choice. Since the ocean breeze is great in this area, kite flying is a popular activity apart from surfing and fort building using driftwood logs. Rockaway Beach is great place to relax by the ocean waters and get a sun tan.

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