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A beach holiday is what dreams are made of. Lying on the warm sand, letting the sun heat your body and watching the waves roll in is the perfect relaxation setting. Plus, if the beach is gorgeous, it adds to personal fulfillment and satisfaction. The surf and the sun have an almost calming property, that helps people to just rest and truly enjoy the time off. But where can you find good beaches to chill? Here are top island countries with stunning beaches for your next holiday.


The Maldives is a small country made of atolls or coral islands. This means that the beaches have white sand and clear turquoise waters. And you can pick which island you want to stay on and there are multiple beaches to choose from. Most islands have a single resort so the beach isn’t too crowded. Some islands have a reef around and you can spot marine animals swimming by.

The resorts have food and beverages whenever you need and all you need to do is walk a few steps to get those. The rooms can be on the water with water bungalows or on land with the beach right outside your window. Many resorts organize special trips out on the water for fishing or a romantic sunset ride. There are activities such as snorkeling, kayaking and adventure sports on the water too.


Fiji is an island country in the south pacific, consisting of an archipelago of 330 islands and 500 islets. Most islands are volcanic in nature, surrounded by the ocean. It is known for stunning beaches and landscapes with coral reefs. You can go snorkeling or just enjoy the beach and sunbathe. There are multiple resort beaches with spectacular getaways. You get clear waters for swimming and enjoying the tropical climate. Some islands also have tropical forests and waterfalls to relax in the lap of nature.

Cook Islands

The island country in the South Pacific Ocean is made up of 15 islands. The country has multiple beaches open for visitors and plenty of beach resorts to accommodate them. Go on a traditional Vaka canoe in the sea or swim in the ocean. The islands have plenty of sunshine along with great food and friendly people. You can also get to enjoy a natural lagoon if you are on the right island. Spa therapy, boating trips, sunset boat rides – all are on offer along with stunning beaches. It will be difficult to decide which is better between Fiji vs Cook Islands, as both have their own specialties.


The Republic of Seychelles is another island country that is an archipelago. It lies on the edge of the Somali Sea and has 115 islands. The economy depends on tourism and you will find the best hospitality. The beaches are beautiful and well maintained. Some are private because beach resorts take care of them. You can stay in one of these resorts, relax with a book while hearing the waves roll in. The water is suitable for swimming or for going on a boat ride.


Australia is one of the top island countries in terms of economy and growth. But being an island, it has a long coastline. The 60,000-kilometer-long coastline has 12,000 beaches. Ranging from secluded coves to family beaches, there is a range which you can choose from. Whitehaven beach, Turquoise Bay and Cable Beach are some of the best beaches in Australia. You can either chill on the sand or go surfing and snorkeling as locals do. Australia is big on sports and watersports so adventure seekers will have plenty to look forward to.

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