Hangout places near Toronto

Toronto is a vibrant city and has a lot to offer to visitors and locals. Many people meet and socialize as they work and live in and around Toronto. After work, on weekends, people need to chill and Toronto does have locations where you can just hang out with your tribe.Hanging out can mean multiple things – having fun, playing together or eating and drinking. You will find excellent options for this and more when you are in Toronto.Here are some of the best hangout places near Toronto.

Distillery District

The Distillery district is quite historic and even if someone doesn’t have an interest in whiskey, this place is a good one to chill. It had the Gooderham and Worts Whiskey Distillery once, but today it is a place for eating, shopping or simply hanging out. Restaurants are a big part of the area and offer a variety of cuisines and dishes like burgers, ceviche and ice cream. Shopaholics will not miss out on anything with the multiple stores around. Live performances and galleries also have a footprint here, making it a perfect hangout spot for a group of different individuals.

St. Lawrence

Good markets sell good products and also attract a good crowd. The St. Lawrence Market has been around for more than two centuries and has about 100 vendors. If you are hungry and want to eat with your friends while you hangout – then this place is it. Pastries, fruits, seafood and a lot more are on offer. An art gallery also stands here and there is an antiquing event on Sunday too.

Second City

If you are in Toronto then you would have definitely heard of the Second City. It is very big on the comedy scene and comedy aficionados love it. Some comedians like Mike Myers grew because of the Second City. Book a show with your friends, laugh and hang out. You can also book a Toronto Party Bus and make it a fun evening – watching shows, having food and going bar hopping. There are multiple performers and shows being presented for people who want a dose of laughter.

High Park

Parks are the lungs of any city. Large, spacious areas full of greenery are excellent for hanging out. You can breathe freely, walk or simply enjoy lunch. It is the largest park in downtown Toronto. It offers top experiences where you can play, take kids to the zoo or enjoy the playgrounds. If you enjoy the outdoors, then this is a cool place to go to. You can also plan a picnic with friends. Take lunch or snacks, pack a blanket and games and head to this park. Enjoy the sunshine and hangout with people you like in this green lush space.

Old Chinatown

If you want a unique experience while in Toronto then you must try the Old Chinatown. It is one of the best hangout places near Toronto. Toronto has many Chinatowns, but we are talking about the Old one near Toronto. It shows how two different cultures can come together. The Old Chinatown is quite large and stretches far. The residents come not just from China, but also from Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam. You can experience authentic eastern meals while you are here and you will realize how different it is from Chain restaurants. You can walk around and check out the stores that sell herbs, trinkets, pantry items and souvenirs from Asia.

Toronto and the areas around have a lot of options for entertainment and hanging out. Families, friends and colleagues can find great sources of entertainment.

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