places of Ontario to Visit during Winters

Ontario is a beautiful state and winter is beautiful weather. Here, there are a lot of activities that you can stay involved in. Between December and March, the weather in Ontario is wonderful with so many places to visit and so many things to do. Here are a few places of Ontario to Visit during Winters.


1. Niagara Falls

In winter, Niagara Falls State Park is a peaceful paradise. There are frozen landscapes and fewer crowds, making it a perfect place for an unforgettable trip. You can see the trees doused in the snow while chunks of ice float over the falls. The view of Niagara falls in winter is unlike anything else you have ever seen. Some parts of the waterfall will seem frozen, making it an incredible opportunity for photography.


2. The Blue Mountains

Ontario’s The Blue Mountains is a good place to enjoy winter sports and is one of the best places of Ontario to Visit during Winters . On a snow-filled day, you can go skiing on its slopes, or go sledding. You can also enjoy caving and snow-shoeing. With luxurious accommodation, endless outdoor activities, miles of ski run, sumptuous spas, and expansive snowy landscapes, The Blue Mountains offer a chance to enjoy an epic vacation in just one location.


3. Huntsville

Long back, dog-sledding used to be one of the main ways of transportation through the long and snowy roads of Huntsville, Ontario. You can now enjoy dog-sledding adventures as a great family activity. So, be ready to enjoy the mush ride with your husky team through the snow-filled land of Muskoka and then head back to your hotel to warm yourself up with a roaring fire.


4. Rideau Canal Skateway

You can’t conclude your winter trip to Ontario without visiting the Rideau Canal Skateway in Ottawa. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with one of the largest ice rinks in the world. The whole thing freezes every winter that allows tourists and locals, in the same way, to skate along the canal for miles. This is the best way to see the city and watch the world go by as you crazily skate on the frozen canal.


5. Rice Lake

Rice Lake likes just a couple of hours east to Toronto. It is an epic landscape that hosts snow-kiting in the winter season. You can choose to go on the ice yourself or you can watch from the sidelines, you can decide on your own. Either way, it is an equally fun-filled activity tat makes your weekend worth the while. Even without the snow-kiters, the scenery is worth enjoying in itself.


6. Lake Nipissing

Ice fishing at Lake Nipissing is a classic Canadian tradition that people of Ontario enjoy. Although sitting out in the snow can be very chilling, but the fun of digging your own hole and fishing sitting right outside your cozy cabin is fun for the entire family. This is one of the best winter travel places in Ontario Canada.


7. Bon Echo Loop

Snowmobiling along the Provincial Park’s Bon Echo Loop is yet another amazing activity for winters in Ontario. He route allows you to wander through some untouched landscapes of the area. Thus, you can take your own time to witness the magical winter forest. The loop stretches for more than 200km, so keep aside an entire day to enjoy it. You can stop off for food and pictures along the way as well. This is one of the many must-visit Canada winter travel places.


8. Torrance Barrens

Imagine, you are in the middle of nowhere with the best spot for the best view of Northern Lights. That’s what makes it one of the must-see places in Winters in Ontario. Just a few hours of Toronto lies the dark sky reserve of Torrance Barrens. The place allows you to fully appreciate the epic sights of the Aurora Borealis and nature. Winter is the best time to see the lights because of its long dark nights.


9. Burlington

Another wonderful place among the must-see places in Winters in Ontario is Burlington. The parks and gardens are usually covered in snow but you can always feel warmly welcomed in the museums, galleries, and historical buildings of the city. Also, you can have fun in any of the many bars and restaurants with live music and a fun atmosphere.


10. Parliament Hill

If you are in Ontario for New Year, you must visit Parliament Hill. The entire area is transformed into a winter wonderland for the full-blown New Year celebrations. Every year it is transformed into the picture-perfect ‘Hill of Lights’. The spectacular lights are accompanied by musical performances and many Canadian treats to make the best of your New Year celebration.


There are many more places in Ontario that offer spectacular sights and the best ways to spend your time there in winter. But the ones above steals the show away.

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