things to do in Downtown Toronto

Friends are the best company to hang out with. In fact, with good friends, one can hang out anywhere, spend time anywhere and still have fun. Although the place doesn’t matter with great company, it still means something when you have something fun to do or entertaining to watch. If you are planning a trip to Toronto, then there are a lot of things to do. You may be looking for adventurous things or relaxing things to do – there are things that you will definitely enjoy. Here are some of the best things to do in Downtown Toronto.

Bike tours

If you are on the active side, take a bicycle tour in Toronto with friends. Explore the culture, people and history while riding a bike. You can pick a tour you would want – exploring downtown to see the attractions and landmarks or taking the island tours. Some operators also accommodate private groups and you can book this to just enjoy the company of your friends as you ride through the city.

Segway and walking tours

Using a Segway is not only a joy ride but also an excellent way to see the city. The Distillery Segway tours are quite popular for visitors and locals alike. Walking tours are also organized and if you want to just calmly walk through with your friends, try these. The Ontario place Segway tours include Trillium Park Cinesphere and much more for you and your friends.

Food tours

With food tours, you can hang out with friends, get meals and explore the city. Through the tour, you will sample the famous and hidden treasures of the local food scene. Most providers have an itinerary and based on that you can pick what matches your preferences. Old Chinatown and St. Lawrence are some popular spots that most organizers visit.

Distillery Winter Village

The Toronto Christmas Market is a popular spot in the Distillery District. The whole area is decked up in festive décor and delicious treats are also on offer. Hot apple cider and a turkey leg can make snacks that you munch on as you chit chat with friends. The district has many restaurants as well including French and Japanese cuisines. You can have a party night and consider Toronto Party Bus Rentals for a group of friends. Then go bar hopping and end your night on a “high” note.


Go kayaking or canoeing on the Harbourfront with your friends. You can take your own gear or rent one on an hourly basis from the Harbourfront Canoe & Kayak Centre. The water can be calming and exciting as you undertake the activities with your friends. It is a great way to connect with nature, breathe fresh air and take a dip in the waters too.

Centre Island

There are islands around Toronto in the waters of Lake Ontario and Centre Island is one such place. It is an attraction on its own – fun at every corner. Enjoy the beach, have a picnic or explore the gardens. The beaches are open for swimming and you can spend time at the beach – sun and sand with friends. The amusement park has many thrills and your group will definitely enjoy the trip there. Even if you have visited the amusement park before, you will enjoy the rides.

High Park

An open park may seem like an underrated place to hang out in, but it is an open area and that itself affords many activities. Go out for a picnic as a group, play in the open garden space. Playing sports with your friends is a nice way to spend time together and is easily one of the best things to do in Downtown Toronto.

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