Top 5 Children friendly places in Ontario

The province of Ontario in Canada is quite populous and home to the country capital of Ottawa. It is an economic hub and has natural diversity. It is full of parks, forests, lakes and falls. The population is diverse and there are quite a few family-friendly activities available for residents. Kids too need activities to keep engaged and be occupied. Here are a few children friendly places in Ontario for families and children alike.

Calypso waterpark

Waterparks are excellent places for kids to enjoy and run out their energy. Anything water related is fun and kids will simply love an outing here. It is a summer favorite among children. Calypso is the biggest theme waterpark in Canada and features 35 water slides, wave pools, water games and theme rivers. There are restaurants and VIP zones as well. There is provision for daily entertainment such as volleyball or Zumba and they also offer temporary tattoos as souvenirs which the kids will love.

Toronto Island Park

The Toronto Island Park is such a great place for families because it has so much to offer. The Centreville Amusement Park has attractions and rides for young ones and adults. There are multiple food outlets and they offer something for everyone. Kids can also explore the Franklin Children’s Garden – a learning environment with recreational activities and interactive features for children. They can learn about cultivation and harvesting, take part in storytelling and amphitheatre activities and do a lot more. The Far Enough Farm has animals that the children can interact with. Creatures roam free here and kids will love experiencing something new, especially if they live in the city. Four swimming beaches in Toronto are in this park and they have splash pads too for the little ones.

Ripley Aquarium

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is part-owned and operated by Ripley’s entertainment. It is located in the downtown area of Toronto. It has marine and freshwater habitats that house multiple species of marine animals. There are multiple exhibits and each one has habitats, like the Canadian waters exhibit that has 17 habitats with largemouth bass, American lobster, lump fish and the giant pacific octopus. The Dangerous Lagoon is an underwater tunnel with a moving conveyor belt. Children will have a lot of fun here and one can go there for special occasions like birthdays as well. Book a Party Bus Toronto and invite the children’s friends too for an exciting celebration.

Canada’s Wonderland

The 134-hectare theme park is a delight for the young and old. It remains the country’s largest park and has been the most visited theme park in North America.It has multiple roller coasters for thrill-seekers and you can pick which one is for you. There are some which are perfect for young children too. There are themed areas, a water park and two children’s areas – Planet Snoopy and Kidzville. You can spend a whole day here with your family and not get bored.

Ontario Science Centre

The Ontario Science Center can be quite an experience for kids. It is not only fun but educational too. They have live science demonstrations, films, virtual programs and exhibits such as Bug Lab, Mysteries of Ice Age and Life of earth. Field trips and private events are also accommodated. Kids absolutely love being here as they perform DIY science projects too. Science isn’t just listening to teachers but a full hands-on experience for children over here. The children are engaged and occupied for a good while and have fun too. Because of this, it is one of the best children friendly places in Ontario.

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