honeymoon destinations in Alberta

The sixth largest province among the thirteen Canadian provinces is Alberta. It is also one of the three prairie provinces of Canada and is characterized by a diverse landscape. In Alberta you’ll find mountains, desert lands, prairies along with vast stretches of coniferous forests. It also encompasses lakes and icefields which make Alberta a unique and exciting ecosystem. Alberta is famous for its rich mineral deposits and its oil and natural gas fields are well known across the world. But the vast nature reserves and plenty of natural beauty make this place perfect for recently married couples looking for a getaway. Here are a few honeymoon destinations in Alberta which the couples can consider while planning their honeymoon.


Located among the Rocky Mountains of Canada the village of Banff is every nature lover’s delight. It is the perfect honeymoon destination in Alberta for couples looking for some adventure along with the calm of the mountains. The highlight of this place is the Banff National Park which happens to be Canada’s oldest park and represents nature at its best. Tall green trees, tranquil lakes, diverse wildlife and numerous snowfields, Banff offers several opportunities to the couples to spend time in nature. There are several stay options to suit every budget. You can book a high end resort, backwood lodges or camp in the forests.

There are several biking and hiking trails in Banff where you can engage in some biking and hiking along with your partner. Your Banff honeymoon would be incomplete without a visit to the Banff natural hot springs where you can relax and soothe your muscles in the hot pool and also get romantic. You can also go fishing or skiing in the snowfields. This place also offers heli-skiing and heli-hiking where a helicopter will drop you off to remote locations. You can enjoy the local cuisines comprising of trout, venison, bison and elk.

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is a small village in the Canadian Rockies and one of the best honeymoon places in Alberta at any time of the year. Lake Louise is considered as one of the finest honeymoon escapes because it offers several opportunities for you to get cozy with your partner. Situated at the edge of the Victoria Glacier, this lake has beautiful turquoise waters which are truly a sight to behold. Along with the spectacular snow covered peaks for backdrop this stunning place has several comfortable places where you can stay.

You can find several romantic restaurants in the village where you can enjoy the local cuisine and wine. For the couples who enjoy outdoor activity, skiing, snowboarding and sleigh riding is available in the winter months. During summers you can take a romantic walk through the blossoming alpine meadows and enjoy white water rafting around Lake Louise. You can also visit Lake Moraine which is nearby and can be accessed by a car or bus.


Edmonton is located in central Alberta and is a place that is always bustling with some or the other activity. This place has an array of different things you can indulge in making it one of the most preferred honeymoon destinations in Alberta. There are numerous resorts and inns dotted all across the place where you can book your stay. Edmonton hosts several festivals throughout the year and has a rich cultural history. It hosts arts, dance, music and theatre festivals that you can be a part of depending upon the timing of your honeymoon. You can plan a picnic date with your partner at the River Valley Park which includes lakes, ravines, open grounds and golf courses.

You can also go hiking and cycling during the summer season and skiing in the winter months. You can also go skiing at the Edmonton Valley at the four ski slopes like Snow Valley and Sunridge Ski and also enjoy the natural beauty of the area. You should definitely visit the iconic botanical gardens in Alberta and spend a day there with your partner exploring the unique plant species there. Apart from this, you can enjoy a game of soccer, visit the local museum, explore the Edmonton Valley Zoo or spend your time shopping at the West Edmonton Mall.

Sylvan Lake

Among the many honeymoon destinations in Alberta, Sylvan Lake stands out as the most unique place. It is a small town in central Alberta which is highlighted by the Sylvan Lake which offers many sports activities which you and your partner can engage in for a day. You can be a part of the festivals organized by Sylvan lake like the Canadian Day fireworks, Yuletide festival and Sylvan lake Winterfest which hosts several fun activities. There are several fun sporting opportunities as well like paintball, golfing, skating and go karting for which this place is famous. The several parks in this area allow you to go on a hike and enjoy an afternoon picnic with your loved after picking fruits at the Hidden Valley Garden.

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