tourist attractions in Marrakech

One of the most visited places in Morocco is its western city of Marrakech. This formal imperial city witnesses thousands of tourists per year who come to experience the vibrant culture of this colourful city. Marrakech is the perfect example of a place that has successfully combined the old and the new where you can see the glimpses of the past within the modern architecture. If you wish to experience this rich culture then here are the top tourist attractions in Marrakech that you must visit.

Marrakech Medina Souk

One of the star tourist attractions in Marrakech is the Medina Souk which is an old labyrinthine city full of life. This place is a must visit if you are Marrakech where the sounds, colours and scents of the old narrow alleyways are going to stimulate all your senses. The small lanes of the Medina Souk are lined with small stalls and is a delightful place for people who love to shop. You can shop for arts and crafts that are made by the local artisans, carpets, leatherworks, metal works, spices and spice mixes, pottery, dresses, shoes and souvenirs. You can get a glimpse of the traditional Moroccan house and the local lifestyle of the people living in this old walled city.

Djemma El Fna

One of the best places to go to after one of the popular Marrakech desert tours is Djemma El Fna located just outside Medina. It is the perfect place to visit after sundown because that is when this place comes to life. The Djemma El Fna, which literally translates into an assembly place of nobodies, is a vibrant place full of stalls, fortune tellers, snake charmers, musicians and storytellers. This hub of entertainment which continues late into the night will keep you mesmerized and will give you a chance to experience the Moroccan culture. There are several stalls selling the local cuisine that you can indulge in or sit at the many peripheral café’s that give you some stunning aerial views of the Djemma El Fna.

Bahia Palace

Arguably, the best example of Moroccan artistry, which is also a historical landmark in Marrakech, is the Bahia Palace. This palace was built to be the residence of the Grand Vizier Bou Ahmed. The beautiful architecture of this palace consists of painted ceilings, ornate wrought iron structures and zellige tiles that have been well preserved and throw light on the opulent lifestyle of the people in the 19th century. The grand marble courtyard with its various shades of blue along with the lush internal courtyard with citrus trees and banana leaf plants are worth a visit.

Majorelle Gardens

Spread across two and a half acres of land, the Mojorelle Gardens is a botanical garden and the canvas of an artist who goes by the name of Jacques Majorelle. This lush tropical garden consists of manicured and well-kept cacti, ferns and palms along with some beautiful landscaping done by Jacques Majorelle. Majorelle was a French Orientalist who came to Morocco for health reasons and was famous for painting the everyday life of Moroccan people. His most famous work of art are these gardens which make a beautiful place for a stroll. If you visit this place, don’t forget to get a glimpse of his studio in the centre that has been painted a vibrant blue.

Ouzoud Falls

Located in the Atlas Mountains beside the village of Tanaghmeilt are the Ouzoud Falls. These falls are a collection of waterfalls that empty into the El-Abid River’s gorge and are the highest falls in Morocco. The white waters falling from a height of 361 meters and a backdrop red rocks are a magnificent sight that attracts a lot of tourists. The bottom of the falls can be reached via a path lined by olive trees. The tourists can also trek to the summit of the falls to witness the small mills that are still in use.