must visit travel places in London

London, conquering the hearts of millions for their diverse culture and beauty, is known as one of the most vibrant cities of the world. This city remains vibrant and the most visited due to its buzzing nightlife, breathtaking sceneries, rich history, architectural wonders and what not. The magnificent culture and artistic environment in the streets of London are worth a lively experience one should feel for. We will look at such 5 must visit travel places in London that you must see at least once.

Every street and lane of the London city is thoughtfully constructed to reflect their pure tradition. There is so much heavy beauty to explore to fall in love with this city. This multicultural city with its unlimited treasures of beauty will want you to stay longer to discover its endless beauty.

The Tower Bridge :

The Tower Bridge is one of London’s most famous landmarks, architecture with two towers in Victorian Gothic Style that are connected with two walkways. The name Tower Bridge was given for its location near to the Tower of London. The Prince and Princess of Wales officially inaugurated this bridge on 30th June of 1984.

The high level walkways of the Tower Bridge offers an exquisite panoramic view of the city life in London. It took over 8 years for the construction of this magnificent bridge. A tour inside the bridge can give a holistic experience of its history and significance. Some of the world’s most renowned music is also held at the walkway of the Tower Bridge, bringing a captivating atmosphere to this beautiful city.

Thames Cruise :

The 346 km long Thames River can take you cruising through the middle of the city to experience the unending beauty of London. It covers almost 80 islands and 200 bridges giving an unforgettable experience of your life. This simple cruise offers an affordable, simple yet an extraordinary way to see the London’s skyline from the water.

The Thames River, pretty conveniently flows through the adjacent huge slates of London’s most exciting points of interest. The leisure cruise offers bars and cafes to get comfy and to enjoy the stunning sights of your journey. This romantic cruise will let you discover the hidden mysterial beauties living in London.

Hatton Garden Jewellers :

The Hatton Garden Jewellers are the well known authentic jewellery shops of London and one of the must visit travel places in London. Hatton Garden is the oldest most established international jewelry capital of London. The alleyways and streets surrounding the Hatton Garden quarter, once also became an inspiration for Charles Dickens’ book Oliver Twist. Make sure to take the opportunity to explore this unique part of the city for your favorite customized jewellery from Hatton Garden Jewellers.

The mesmerizing jewellery and diamond collections of Hatton Gardens, hold a story of traditional to contemporary exceptional designs making them the most unique and trending jewellers of London. Their independent jewellers located at different sites of London showcase the different vibrant cultural trends in the antique and vintage collections.

Kew Gardens :

The Kew Gardens, formally known as the Royal Botanic Garden are located at Kew, the site of a formal royal estate in London. Kew Gardens were designated as the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003. Its sprawling landscape consisting of the world’s most diverse and enchanting species of flora which are spread over 121 hectares have existed for more than 250 years.

Enjoy the stunning scenery of plants, lakes, conservatories and wildlife at the world’s most beautiful heritage. Spend your time in the lap of nature with your family and friends giving a feast to your eyes. Kew’s Millennium Seed Bank is the largest wild plant seed bank in the world, protecting the extinction of various plants through seed preservation.

National History Museum :

The National History Museum is a world-famous museum with approximately 80 million life and earth science specimens located in the South Kensington of the city London. The National History Museum formerly known as the British Museum welcomes over 5 million visitors each year. It is one of the must visit travel places in London with family and friends.

The National History Museum is one of the 3 major museums in South Kensington along the other Science Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum. They thrive to foster the knowledge of the natural world, by promoting discovery and understanding of various forms of life on earth. From fossils to moon rocks, there are a lot of knowledge to discover and learn in this splendid museum and is one of the top historic places in London as well.

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