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Surfing is an interesting adventure sport, often enjoyed by those who do like adrenalin and don’t fear water. It involves taking a board and riding the waves while standing almost straight. Now waves are unpredictable, so standing on a moving mass of water does require some skill. But what if you don’t have waves in the water body? Can you still surf? The answer is yes! An electric surfboard allows you to glide over water at a great speed, on any water body. There is a jet propulsion system in use and it lets surfers enjoy the water even in the absence of waves. Canada has beaches, but it also has rivers and lakes, where one may not find the waves for surfing. So, you can choose an electric surfboard and still enjoy your time on the water. Here is a guide on choosing the perfect electric surfboard for your summer adventure in Canada.


Consider the type of electric surfboard you are looking for and this also depends on where you are as a surfer. Are you a beginner or an experienced surfer? Do you understand how the board will move once the engines are turned on? Think about these questions and then again look at the types available.

  • E-foil or electric foil has an additional hydrofoil riser exterior. It may look like a typical surfboard, but it actually lifts the board about one meter above the water surface. There is a propeller underwater that helps the board move. It is usually powered by a silent battery and can move through any type of water body.
  • The Standup paddle or electric paddleboard is used with a single paddle and a motor. This isn’t made for high speeds. It is easier to balance and some models are made for two people. It allows the user to move through water without too much exertion.
  • The electric jetboard or electric surfboard has a lot of power. It may look like a normal surfboard but the motor underneath can give you very high speeds. This craft allows one to cruise on dams, lakes, rivers or seas and the best part is you can catch a wave while standing on this board.

Hard or inflatable

The next thing you want to look at is the material your board is made of. Do you want a hardboard or an inflatable one? An inflatable board is easy to store and quite light. It has a slot for batteries to go in. The hard one could be durable, but it’s much harder to store. If you are considering a quality electric surfboard, check out good sites and sellers. provides high quality electric surfboards across Canada.

Speed and surf

An electric surfboard is all about speed and this is what makes it a bit expensive. So, before you pay that amount, you may want to know how fast it can go. A good board should give you a speed of around 30 to 50 kilometers per hour. You may be a beginner and you may want to start at a slower speed. Some boards also have remote controls that allow you to set the speed the way you like, whenever you want.

Battery life

The motor or jet will work with a battery and hence, battery life is an important consideration. A good quality board will last up to 45 minutes or an hour. Boards with weaker batteries can last maybe 20 minutes, so choose well.

Weight and length

The length and weight are crucial in electric surfboards. A tall person needs to choose the surf size that is suitable for them. Even someone with a normal height can choose a long board as they are easier to handle. Others may want more stability and go for shorter boards.

Your summer adventure in Canada can be even more fun if the electric surfboard has a guarantee and comes at a justified cost. Lookup these features when you are buying the surfboard and you should be able to make a good choice.

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