travel scams in Toronto

Scams are quite common all over the world and people are targeted to part with information or money. Whatever the scam takes away from the victim, the fallout is quite unpleasant. No matter how many law enforcement agencies are there investigating, the scammers come up with new ways of scamming their next victim. One could be a victim of financial scams or travel scams in Toronto, so it’s best to keep yourself protected.Here are some travel scams that one can face and the ways to save yourself from them.

Money exchange

Currency exchange is a fairly common action that one needs to complete when they are preparing to travel or are travelling. You may be getting local currency from a local booth and they could give you fake notes or give an amount that is lesser than the exchange value. You could also get obsolete notes. Cab drivers or small eateries may also replace your payment with fake currency notes and accuse you. You must familiarize yourself with the local currency and get it exchanged from a recognized institution such as a bank or a legitimate source such as a good hotel. Check the currency amount against the receipt or bill to ensure you have received the correct value. If you want to avoid money exchange completely, use prepaid forex cards and that should relatively keep you safe.

Suspicious tours

If you are going for a tour to a new country, use a trusted company. That way you will know that you got what you paid for and that you are safe with them. Do the research, check reviews and ask for recommendations on accommodation. Use websites and tour providers of repute. If you travel with an unknown, dodgy tour organizer, you will be at a risk of being stranded, sick, injured or fleeced.

Free Plane Ticket

Scammers create fake profiles of airlines on social media sites and fleece customers.  Facebook or Twitter will have profiles such as Air Canada – Official, whereas the genuine profile may simply be called Air Canada. On Twitter, always check for a blue tickmark, which indicates that it is a legitimate and verified business. They will create fake posts like – win free tickets by clicking on this link! This takes you to a phishing website and gains access to your information. They may contact your friends or gain access to make posts. If you see that you have been scammed, try a Private Investigator in Toronto for help. Be careful about the fake profiles and don’t click on any links – free tickets are never actually given for free.

Luxury Accommodation

There are fake websites with top Google ranking which sell luxury accommodation – that is fake. They will post pictures of luxury villas and condos and will look quite trustworthy. The actual property owners, whose pictures are posted, will never know. The scammers will collect your personal informationand credit card details to pay for such accommodations in full before you start your travel. But then you neither get the accommodation nor the money you lost. That is why, go with reputed websites and apps, those that are known worldwide, when making a booking.

Free gift

A local person may give you something, just hand it to you and ask for money. A disabled person may offer you a glass of juice from his stand, or a person may just hand over flowers. You will think a “Thank You” would do. But a lot of times, if you are not a local, the person will demand money. They may create a scene too, until you give in. You need to be really careful with these as this is one of the most common travel scams in Toronto. Try to decline these free gifts when you are touring, unless you know the person.

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