solo women travellers

The world is seeing a rise in solo women travellers who like travelling all by themselves. If you’re one of them to then do read on because we have some handy tips that can make your trip easy and memorable.

  • Choose the destination wisely

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is to choose the destination wisely. If you’re a first-time solo traveller, it helps to choose a destination that isn’t too foreign. For instance, go to a tourist destination or Hilly Places that speaks English, or any other language that you understand. Once you get comfortable, then of course you can go off exploring every corner of the world. Also, some places aren’t travel friendly, with not enough accommodation facilities or safe food and water etc. Make sure to read up well about the place before planning a trip there. Keep a map handy so you don’t have to depend on anyone to find your way around.

  • Keep a handy checklist

It is advisable not just for women travellers, but everyone in general to keep a che4cklist handy. Especially if you’re going to a destination for the first time, or if you’re new to this entire solo travelling activity, it is best to keep a list ready. This way you can avoid panic during the trip. Make sure to include all the necessary items and check them off to see if you’ve packed properly. This way you’ll know beforehand if you’re missing something or need something more.

  • Plan your day in advance

Discipline and planning are required in every walk of life and vacation is honestly no different. Make an itinerary. Plan your trip well with a list of places to visit every day, things to do and explore, etc. Also, as a safety precaution, make sure someone close like family or friends have this list so people know about your whereabouts. This will also ensure your safety and won’t have family member worrying about you. Another advantage is that planning in advance lets you enjoy things better. You won’t have to worry about what to do next or where to go, so you’ll have more fun.

  • Don’t go overboard with packing

Okay we might be stereotyping here a bit, but most women do tend to overpack. Let’s be honest, you really don’t need three outfits in a day or the Jewellery Mag accessories to match each and every piece of clothing. Don’t go overboard with packing. Make a list of your necessities so you only have the things you require. It also helps in travelling if you pack light as carrying a heavy bag of luggage everywhere is inconvenient and impractical.

  • Avoid oversharing with new acquaintances

Being on a trip means that you’ll definitely be meeting new people and making friends; which is great. But make sure to stay safe. One of the first things to do is to not let new acquaintances in on too much information. Avoid sharing any personal or accommodation details with new people as it might be risky. If anyone asks, try to be vague.

Final Thoughts

Fool-proof safety for women is one of the major concerns of the world even today. While staying safe while travelling alone as solo women travellers needs to be your topmost priority but don’t let that get in the way enjoyment. Follow these simple tips and keep a few things in mind to make the most of your journey.

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